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Latest news for 2022

13 Dec 2022, 06:31
Shiny, reflective display screens create totally avoidable problems in Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid meeting/teaching spaces. Once you’re aware of it, the way you look at screens changes forever!
12 Dec 2022, 14:44
Cisco telepresence users already use extended aspect ratios (3 x 16:9 = 48:9!) - but what’s the right screen size (and position) today?
9 Dec 2022, 11:38
This week's LTSMG Live conference considered hybrid teaching and work spaces through the lens of Higher Education. Some lessons for everyone here…
8 Dec 2022, 08:19
Of all the standards that apply to Microsoft Teams Rooms, AVIXA/ANSI’s new ISCR standard for display contrast is essential - and mission-critical. Here’s why.
8 Dec 2022, 06:06
Cisco Telepresence going end of life means we are seeing a powerful take-up of Microsoft Front Row display installations. Telepresence lives on.
7 Dec 2022, 07:17
The broadcaster will provide bespoke narration for an immersive show based on his Seven Worlds One Planet TV series in a 1,600 sq m purpose-built venue in London.
6 Dec 2022, 08:04
Even the most basic lighting in Microsoft Teams Rooms and hybrid spaces can be spectacularly wrong - even though improving it may cost nothing. This is why - plus a short video to help you fix it.
5 Dec 2022, 08:49
Projection or dvLED (direct view LED)? Which technology to choose?
5 Dec 2022, 07:13
Seven Hippotizer Boreal+ MK2s are feeding vast quantities of visual data to 63 HD projectors at an immersive experience which draws inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci and Stephen Hawking.
2 Dec 2022, 11:54
Why not flat panels? dvLEDs? The inconvenient truth is Microsoft’s vision at the heart of it all.