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January 2023

Latest News for January 2023

26 Jan 2023, 08:14
Greg will lead a team of associates working on room design and configuration in the Microsoft Teams Rooms market, drawing on his years of standards, academic and technical expertise.
23 Jan 2023, 09:09
16:9? 16:10? For Front Row? 21:9? 28:9? Or even 32:9? These are mission critical decisions!
20 Jan 2023, 08:50
How close can viewers be located in Microsoft Teams Rooms, hybrid and meeting spaces - without creating neck strain and discomfort? How do we optimise seating for those closest to the display?
19 Jan 2023, 08:54
Join us at ISE 2023, where we are excited to unveil our latest innovation in our Microsoft Teams Display range - the Microsoft Teams 21:9 Front Row Display.
19 Jan 2023, 08:45
…although it's the central feature. Understanding black levels unlocks specification problems and creates exceptional user experiences.
11 Jan 2023, 07:24
What standards are available to create better Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs): their design and user experiences? What’s available to help tech managers get post-pandemic spaces right first time? Fortunately, plenty!
9 Jan 2023, 14:17
Microsoft Enhanced Meeting Rooms have morphed into Signature Meeting Rooms and need massive 21:9 displays to work. What about camera positions? Primary research objective for us all at ISE this month!
6 Jan 2023, 07:52
Microsoft Teams Rooms news topped the charts in 2022 with Greg Jeffreys' article proving particularly popular.
4 Jan 2023, 09:18
Microsoft’s power move to projection in Teams Rooms - and the new Front Row 21:9 displays, generates concerns for those who’ve only seen projection on white screens - and not ALR projection, which is projection done properly.
3 Jan 2023, 09:27
I didn’t expect 2022 to be so emphatically about Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) and the whole hybrid work/teaching space thing. ISE 2023 is just around the corner and, if anything, MTRs dominate our agendas there even more.