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August 2022

Latest News for August 2022

22 Aug 2022, 08:40
...and also underlines the need for having test or evaluation spaces.
18 Aug 2022, 12:36
Front Row for Microsoft Teams Rooms is the hottest topic in hybrid workspaces.
10 Aug 2022, 09:14
ST Engineering Antycip supplied Digital Projection INSIGHT Satellite MLS technology for the country’s first active stereo projection system that can render multiple unique tracked viewpoints.
8 Aug 2022, 08:00
Hint: it’s not which technology or which brand!
5 Aug 2022, 08:49
Microsoft’s enhanced meeting room at The Hive features these appropriately honeycomb-style acoustic panels, highlighting how essential good acoustics are in MTRs and hybrid workspaces.
3 Aug 2022, 08:45
Although the camera position in Microsoft’s enhanced meeting room at The Hive caused a big reaction, the audio treatment here created longer aftershocks. Why?
1 Aug 2022, 08:40
Recently, Matthew Marzynski, Principal Program Manager, team leader at The Hive, described their journey - and their future.