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rp Visual Solutions featured Project

Scientific Laboratory Meeting Space in Northern California

rp Visual Solutions featured Project

Anaheim, CA based rp Visual Solutions showcase their latest installation which uses a dnp Supernova Infinity screen.


The challenge for this Scientific Laboratory was to create a meeting space with a large display inside of a room with a large amount of natural light. rp Visual Solutions (RPV) was contacted by the AV Integrator, Spinitar, to provide a solution for a 155” display in a room filled with windows. According to Greg Goddard, Account Manager at Spinitar, “[The client] needed very high quality imagery for presentations of work being done at the lab – high end visualization with potential for 3D in the future.” The display would also require a custom structure due to a cut out in the wall.​​​​​​​


“Front projection with a very good projector and even better screen is the best bang for the buck,” said Goddard. In order to maintain contrast and the budget, rp Visuals provided a dnp Supernova Infinity, an optically structured Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen. The microscopic structure of Supernova creates up to 7 times the contrast compared to standard diffusion, front projection by utilizing layers of 3D printed technology. dnp Supernova Infinity can be as wide as needed while remaining a budget-friendly solution with contrast comparable to LED.

In addition to the screen, RPV engineered around the building’s architecture and designed a custom frame structure. The frame attaches to the back cut out of the wall, securing the screen with custom tie backs at the bottom frame. The combination of a dnp Supernova Infintiy and the custom architecturally integrated frame provided a one-of-a-kind solution for this Scientific Laboratory Meeting Space.

If you have any UK or Ireland projects that need innovative solutions, please contact the Visual Displays team in the first instance. 

Posted: 6th October 2020

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