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2022 is the Year of Displays Done Properly

Do your installed display pass the iPhone test?

2022 is the Year of Displays Done Properly

As part of a series of short articles, Visual Displays' Director Greg Jeffreys discusses all things AV…

Take this 30 second test. Sit at the back of any of your meeting or teaching spaces with the display and room running normally. Sit somewhere at the back. Take a photo with your phone - sorry, no zoom allowed. Make yourself a coffee - or maybe a strong cocktail - and then take a thoughtful look at the photo.

Is the display really big enough (can viewers really read everything in the main content window when running a Team/Zoom session)? Remember DISCAS works differently here - the metrics apply to the main content window (it’s a Picture in Picture thing now) and not the overall display.

Does the flat panel display show veiling reflections like the bottom right panel? Under normal lighting levels, shiny display screens slashes the contrast ratio and creates Veiling Reflections and even Disability Glare for many viewers. Shiny display screens damage user experiences.

Does the projected image look washed out like the top right panel? Matt white screens are a big fat fail now in these spaces - unless you can do something drastic with the lighting. Use the right ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens to get results like the left panel.

There will be two discrete AV budgets in 2022. The first one to install new systems. The second one to put right those displays installed in haste in 2021’s Teams Rooms gold rush. Glasgow Uni really engaged with these issues before installing 30 such systems as shown bottom left. 

What will your mobile phone photo look like?


Posted: 17th January 2022

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