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Applying AVIXA’s DISCAS standard

One-minute video on applying AVIXA’s DISCAS standard to specify display position and size in hybrid meeting/teaching spaces - and how its use is the distinguishing factor between pro AV and IT in the ‘Great Teams Room Rollout’.

Applying AVIXA’s DISCAS standard

As part of a series of short articles, Visual Displays' Director Greg Jeffreys discusses all things AV…

We’re in a shoot first, ask questions afterwards phase, when clients’ needs to support hybrid teaching and meeting right here right now precedes a detailed understanding of the workflows and use cases that will crystallise during 2022. Is this why so many images are being posted of rooms where AVIXA standards so evidently haven’t been applied?

In Alan Bennett’s play ‘A Question of Attribution’ about the Establishment spy,  Anthony Blunt, Keeper Of the Queen’s Pictures, he explains to the Queen that fake paintings are of their time, hard to spot contemporaneously, but look obvious to later generations. 

How to avoid re-enacting The Emperor’s New Clothes when designing AV systems? There are few guarantees in life - plus I’m not exactly a disinterested witness (!) - but using AVIXA’s AV standards are your best bet for avoiding critical errors upfront and helping clients to create exceptional user experiences. 

Posted: 10th January 2022

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