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There's a lot of talk about UX (user experience) in hybrid teaching/meeting spaces and MTRs…

… but for the most part it's overlooked. Why?

There's a lot of talk about UX (user experience) in hybrid teaching/meeting spaces and MTRs…

Many believe UX applies solely to the likes of control panel and GUI design, when in this context it's a holistic term applying to the total user experience.

I was pondering this last night after a fruitful conversation with Mohammed-Arif Khalifa. Mo really set me thinking afresh about this...

As technologists, we'd like it to be all about the equipment, using the latest cool gear we saw at ISE or InfoComm. It's our comfy space. But our real opportunity is in creating the secret sauce that turns apps and equipment into powerful and effective in-person and remote communication in the 3D space of the room - and for each space to self-present well to remote participants.

Less comfy is the concept of talking to users. Really talking to users. Asking the right questions, and most definitely NOT leading questions.

AVIXA's upcoming UX Design for AV standard, on whose task group I'm proud to serve, is working to versionise existing standards and established practices in simple and practical ways to help us unlock the potential of these disciplines and practices. That's one resource, but look to the likes of Adam Banks and Lisa Perrine, Ed.D. who are real experts, yet have varying approaches.

However for my own part I strongly believe that enterprises, organisations and campuses have to engage with third parties to 'keep themselves honest'. Senior management should have UX research in their procurement strategy to get better value and to walk the walk of continuous improvement.

The term 'dogfooding' gives unwitting testimony to the limited value of testing things on your own employees. The dog wags its tail because it loves you, not because the food is great.

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Posted: 21st July 2022

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