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What black level is needed in Microsoft Team Room displays?

How bright do they need to be? (And how much power and money is wasted on too bright displays?)

What black level is needed in Microsoft Team Room displays?

'Brightness' is a problem word as it refers to how we see light, not its measurable attributes. The key human factor is contrast: the difference between white and black levels on the same image at the same time.

The whole Front Row concept is predicated on delivering a natural experience, lowering the barrier between the in-person and remote participant. Three things stand out in the top image: low luminance, great black levels - and a completely matt display. A space you could work in all day without asthenopia (eye strain).

The problem with contrast is that it's a relative. Your black levels could be, say, 300cd/m2 (nit) and so long as the while levels were 15 times higher (4500cd/m2) then you'd theoretically tick AVIXA's PISCR/ISCR standards' boxes - and design in an extreme levels of asthenopia (eye strain).

The datum needed to pin the contrast ratio to required display luminance levels is therefore the black level. It takes minutes to do using the calculator.

I have carried out detailed standards-based calculations, testing and evaluation sessions with #Epson and we have come up with a series of 3LCD laser projection and ALR screen packages that deliver the promise of Signature Meeting Rooms.

One prime example is the 152” 21:9 VD-ALR152 (3.5m x 1.5m) package. Complete display solutions procured with a single SKU, from components packages to complete room solutions, such as the incredible new ProjecTABLE from #AshtonBentley.


Posted: 13th July 2023

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