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MTR Front Row was the hot topic at ISE 2022

Here's a closer look at what it is - and where Microsoft Teams Rooms might take this.

MTR Front Row was the hot topic at ISE 2022

On the Microsoft booth the 21:9 display that Michel Bouman and Jimmy Vaughan and I did our livestream from ( was a massive hit. So I decided to take a deeper dive!

What is the MTR Front Row? It's a screen layout. Currently available in 21:9 and expected in 32:9, assuming they stick with the hard edge blend shown in their lab set-up (which I hope they don't as a good soft-edge blend will work better, I believe).

The MTR Front Row screen grab below is notionally 21:9, with the main content window at 60% of the total image height. This image is admittedly only a mock up, but we can expect presenters to use such small fonts as we see here - agreed?!

Professional systems designers use the AVIXA DISCAS standard to ensure all viewers can read the content. This used to apply to the total image height. But if we want viewers to able to read and engage with the content in this window, we have to apply it to the window now - not the overall display height.

Let's use the DISCAS default 3% Element Height, which equates to the 6:1 rule (farthest viewer no more than six times image height from screen). The largest 21:9 LFD panel currently available is 1.1m high. If we apply the maths to a content window at 60% of image height, the 6:1 rule becomes the 3.6:1 rule. So farthest viewer from a 1.1m high image should be no more than 4m back from the image.

And remember, DISCAS sets MINIMUM image height - which is not the same as the OPTIMUM image height.

This means a step change upwards in display sizes needed for MTRs - and that medium and large hybrid spaces will need to use ALR (ambient light rejecting) projection technology to deliver even adequate user experiences - or 0.9mm pitch dvLED if your budget is large enough!

The VDL Digital Canvas display range is available in all sizes and aspect ratios - and in wall-mounted and standalone credenza versions. Our team is here to support you to the perfect solution for every space.

I have written a white paper on the MTR displays, Front Row, standards and space design, partly as a way of exploring where Greg BaribaultIlya Bukshteyn and the various MS teams that make up this exciting ecosystem might take this. If you want a copy - please message me.


Posted: 26th May 2022

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